Carrie Chu


"Children stay at home all day long. Their rooms’ wallpaper is therefore of paramount importance that accompanies them for most of the time. It is also one fundamental thing that can fire up their imagination, stimulating children to think out of the box."

"Funny City" (Fantasy10)

Everything on the street/ in the world is intriguing. There may be really a zebra on the zebra-crossing; it is a rhino twisting the cloud that causes the rain; flowers blossom relying on the watering from the banana in the monkey's hands; it is the chickens that give the traffic signals; it is the owl that governs the emergence of the moon and stars…So find out more when you go out!


Flying through the light-blue flower sky, children are blowing soapsuds, in which there are bees’ and rabbits' aircrafts. They can be brought up by those aircrafts, their dreams and reach high.

"Puppets"(    )

A tiny puppet is taking photos of himself playing toys. When we were children, we thought that we can overcome all obstacles riding on the toy train; we can overweight an elephant by concerted efforts; all unhappiness can be swept away under the house of mushroom. Even a banana can be made a ship for us to travel around; a Lollipop can be made a slide.Yet, innocence in childhood will always fade out when we grow. Joyful moments in ones’ childhood on those pieces of films absolutely deserve to be cherished and embedded into ones’ minds."