Characteristics of MyWall mural

Regardless of wich material of MyWall wallpaper you may choose we ensure you of the highest quality, printed with eco-inks and have high resolution. 

All our products are flame-retardant and and agree with all regulations relating safety of buildings and interiors (EN 13501-1 2007).

Read below some basic characteristics of the two materials of MyWall wallpaper to decide wich one suits you.


The self-adhesive wallpaper MyWall is made of special fabric sticker phototex® which later on is being  specially laminated to acheive a high durabily and resistance to whashings. It has matte finishes and it is extremely thin so it is fully integrated into the surface it is installed. It does not tear and thanks to its patterned adhesive it can be easily installed without any special knowledge and skills required. When it is removed it does not peel the paint from the wall and does not destroy the surface, therefore it can easily be re-installed just the way it was installed for the first time.

*Note that self-adhesive wallpapers MyWall does not apply to the surfaces painted with special self-cleaning paints (anti-graffiti).

*One more characteristic that must be taken into cosideration is that the opacity of the material is 70%.(This means that it is slightly transparent and may not fully cover the deffects of the wall or discolarations.

  Cost - 40€ per square metre  
The classic paper mural MyWall is made of the high quality material of Neschen® that has a high resistance thanks to its vinyl coating.
It has a tactile texture - characteristic  that gives it beautiful mat finishing and vivid colours.
Its is washable and highly durable. Its installation does note require any special adhesive - it may be applied with an ordiary wallpaper glue.
  Cost - 27€ per square metre